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   José De Ribera El Españoleto  
  Lo Spagnoletto  
    Játiva, 1591                   Napoli, 1652    




            A true new painting by          

    José De Ribera ?


  Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew  
    circa 1626  
    National Gallery (London)  

    I Santi Pietro e Paolo    

Head of Saint John the Baptist

    Musée des Beaux-Arts, Strasbourg    


    Compare this painting with any of the ones shown at the right hand and, judge by yourself. If you would like to make any comments or if you can help me at all in finding out the origin of this great painting, please click here        

        Apostle James the Minor    

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts,

      We  might  be in front of         
      a new painting by ....          
      José De Ribera      

      Can you help ?   The Deliverance of Saint Peter    
        from Prison    
    The purpose of this web page is to show this work in the Internet, in order to find people interested in discovering whether or not this master piece really belongs to José De Ribera or to someone from his school.   Dresden Gallery    
    If you have the knowledge and if you are interested, please send me an email.      

      Diogenes and his Lantern    

José de Ribera was without any doubt, one of the most prominent examples of the Spanish Baroque Tenebrism. But he abandoned this tendency around 1635 for nearly two decades.

According to the above, this painting could be dated before 1635 or, after 1645, when José de Ribera returned to his beloved Tenebrism, though with a different view.

  Dresden Gallery    
    Saint John the Baptist    
      North Carolina Museum of Art    
        Saint Girolamo    
        Galleria Doria, Roma    
        Saint Onufri    
        The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg     


        Saint Paul the Hermit    
        Museo del Prado, Madrid    

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